All Time High - John Barry.mp3

Added a few more to brighten a Monday


Love this pink!

Wow! Fancy, fancy!

Bad mouses! They are using
the kitty bowl !!

Windmills - very unique. There should be
more of them used today to help.

Nothing like a good ole Western saloon. It
would be fun to visit one.

A teddy bear in each hand and carried by
their ears. Ouch! I do think the pink one
has a diaper on. Wonder where she
is off too?

Now this is my kind of cushion. Nice and
thick and comfy. What a comfy area. Notice
the fish lamp.

Just a peaceful rainy day. 


Is that a box of doughnuts on
her filing cabinet?!! Yum!

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Bless you for being here.

Pray for their safety


Hello! I've decided I need my own little space on my pages. So, from
time to time, things may change here, but there will always be a
ending message from me if no longer than to wish you a safe and happy
day. So, here I go, and for a while I will display my love for our
great state of Ohio and our awesome football program. 
Now, do have a good day, be safe, be aware of
everyone and everything around you at all times. Take care.


"catch up with you later!"

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