GIOVANNI MARRADI - And I Love You So-1.mp3

"Happy Birthday" to our 

granddaughter Morgan.

She has turned 20!

Where oh where did time go?!

Tis the season for this beauty.

OOO, so pretty!

Spring rain, ahhhh ....

You wonder what might be on her mind,
and such a worn pair of shoes.

Just tickled to have this baby kitten.

What a beauty among the sunflowers.

Looks like these two are on a mission.

Hello Mr and Mrs Cardinal!

Pray for their safety

Thank you for joining me on this Wednesday. 

The light that showed up on my car dash was

telling me that there was dirt in the exhaust

system under the hood. So they cleaned it

out good, and had the oil changed with the

16-point inspection. So I am good to go.

Now today is housecleaning. 

Please do share my pages. Have a super day and

join me again tomorrow. Thanks for being here!
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