Stephen Bishop - It Might Be You 1982.mp3

"I must have flowers
always - always."
~French painter Claude Monet

Now! How clever i this?!

One who sleeps under a quilt,
is comforted by love.

If you ate today, thank a farmer

Be yourself, no matter what other people
think. God made us the way we are for a
reason. Besides, an original is always
worth more than the copy.

Today inventory your feelings for old grudges
and where they exist, let them go. As you give
them up you will feel healed. You will be a
happier and healthier person as a result.

Wow, someone spent some time on this!

It's red hat time.

I think I would like to be right
here just chill'nnn

Love these type of homes. Just look
at all the windows! A person would have
to take a loan out just to buy curtains.

Pray for their safety

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